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Pablo Amaringo – Ayahuasca Painter

Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo ayahuasca Painter (1938-2009) was a Peruvian artist that painted his visions with ayahuasca. He was born in extreme poverty and could not access artistic education. However, this did not prevent him from painting and becoming one of the first artists to give tangible images and aesthetics to ayahuasca visions. 

Pablo Amaringo was respected in his community as he could illustrate ayahuasca visions that others would find hard to explain. In this sense, he gave a valuable repertoire of collective images to the community. His images are relevant for ayahuasca users as they can identify their visions and understand their symbolism. Amaringo became renowned for his paintings and founded an art school in Pucallpa, Peru, where he delivered free art classes to children. He was a shaman, a healer and a remarkable artist.

Ayahuasca Painter

Through his intricate paintings, Amaringo not only captured the essence of the visions. But also provided a visual narrative of the spiritual realms accessed through ayahuasca. His artwork served as a bridge between the indigenous traditions of the Amazon and the global community. Fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the profound insights gained through ayahuasca ceremonies.

Moreover, by establishing an art school and offering free classes to children in his community, Amaringo not only shared his artistic skills but also empowered future generations. To express themselves creatively and connect with their cultural heritage.

Thus, his legacy extends beyond the realm of art. Encompassing education, healing, and cultural preservation.